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Retire in Ecuador

Ecaudor was recently named as the second top retirement destination in the world on CNN, based on a survey by International Living. Ecuador's appeal is quickly becoming obvious to savvy savers. The cost of living is so low that a couple is able to live very comfortably on less than $1000 a month after set-up expenses like furniture, appliances and internet connections have been paid.

In ecaudor houses and apartments are still to be had for around $150-200 a month, plus utilities. Furnished houses and apartments are more, from $400-750 a month. A new 2000-square-foot brick house on 1/4 acre in a gated community is less than $100,000 and a new 3-bedroom condo is priced at $54,500.

Retirement in Ecuador means that you can afford to hire a maid, guard, chauffer or gardener for as little as $10-$12 a day.

Retirement Visas

With documented proof that you have an income of at least $800 per month, plus $100 more per month for a spouse or dependent, you can receive a retirement or pensioner visa. This is just one of the ways you can become a resident of Ecuador. A retirement visa will grant you all of the benefits of an Ecuadorian citizen except the right to vote.

Affordable Health Care

Health care in Ecuador is a retirement dream. A root canal is around $120, fillings for $18. A bridge is around $150. Medical expenses are also inexpensive. X-rays are $5 - $10. Lab blood tests are typically $1.50 per item tested.

If you are 65 and older and have a retirement visa, Ecuador's Senior Citizen discount program is intended to help it's own citizens. But, the country's constitution guarantees foreign residents the same rights as citizens, therefore as a retiree, you'll enjoy the same benefits. The Ecuadorian government also guarantees senior citizens access to free health care and medication.

No wonder that Ecuador is being touted as the second top retirement destination in the world on CNN and as a South American retirement haven

Hotel Bonanza in Quito is an excellent place to stay while evaluating retiring in Ecuador.

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