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medical image Ecuador invites you to be part of its booming Medical & Dental tourism. Take advantage of world-class medical procedures for less than the normal costs. Experience Ecuador and get the most out of your money's worth.

The industry is inviting tourists from different countries to visit Ecuador for their medical needs. Aside from the usual vacationers and adventure seekers, more and more people are discovering the fast growing-medical industry in Ecuador. Here you can find a combination of world class physicians and the latest in medical technology. From excellent medical facilities to specialty clinics, Ecuador offers competitive and world-class medical services cosmetic and plastic surgery, weight loss surgery etc.

Affordability and Quality - Not everybody can afford a comprehensive medical and dental coverage. If that's the case, getting treatment overseas might be the best option if you want to save money.

Having your medical procedure done in Ecuador will cost you a fraction of what you'd normally spend in the US or Europe. Contrary to what most people might think, affordable doesn’t necessarily mean cheap. Patients are guaranteed to enjoy the same world class quality procedures as advertised.

The newest technologies for both medical dental procedures are available in Ecuador. You're in Good Hands - Ecuador is home to some of the world's best physicians. They are certified masters of their crafts, which means you won't have to worry about your safety.

Relax and Heal Better - There's no better way to recuperate from a medical procedure than to enjoy a relaxing treat. Your visit to Ecuador will not be complete unless you experience the natural wonders of this beautiful and remote country.

Hotel Bonanza can provide not only a perfect place to recover from a medical or dental procedure, but they can also provide all the language translation and local travel needs.

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